About Us


Thank you for taking out your valuable time to know about me.

I am Tanmay, an investor in the stock market. Since my childhood I was fascinated by numbers and I developed a keen interest in the stock market. Needless to stay, I started following the investing wizards like Warren Buffet during my graduation period.

I started my investing journey when I was 18 and I have a good understanding about investing and personal finance.

My aim from this blog is to deliver value to all the folks who are new to investing and don’t know where to start.

I write about books, investing mindset, personal finance, and all the important things which are needed to make you wiser with your money

I observe that in India, people take investment seriously only after a certain time, which is mostly in their 40s.

What I feel is that, if people start investing from a young age, they would be able to take advantage of compounding and build sustainable wealth, and could even achieve financial independence early.

I hope you would stay connected to this blog and also to our social media, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.